Infinidium Technologies USA Has Developed The First to Market Next Generation Web-based, Real-time, Automated Machine Learning, and AI Systems Comprising the Followings:

1. Traffic Operation Monitoring. 2. Multimodal Mobility Counting And Traffic Analytics For Uninterrupted Flow Road Facilities (Basic Segment, Merge, Diverge, and Weaving Area) With Over 95% Accuracy During Daytime, Nighttime and All Adverse Weather Conditions Comprising:
•  Accurate Multimodal Automated Mobility Counting, and Vehicle  Classifications By-Lane and Total. •  HCM 7th Edition Traffic Data Analytics For Planning, and Design. Export  Data to Microsimulation Calibrated VISSIM Model for Existing  Conditions, Alternatives and Recommended Improvements. •  MOE’s For Traffic Management Solutions.   Real-Time Average Speed By-Lane and Total.   Real-Time Rolling 15 Minutes Density and LOS.
3. Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Partnerships:
•  Assessment Of Increased Capacity By CAV. •  HCM 7Edition Calibration.

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