Smart Cities

Traffic Solutions comprises a complete portfolio for the entire system lifecycle

About Us

Our Vision to optimise city functions and promote economic growth while also improving the quality of life for citizens by using smart technologies and data analysis.


Strategic Management Level

Strategy Management, Demand Management (including Tolling), Traffic Information, Enforcement

Control Centers

Urban Traffic Control, Freeway Management, Tunnel Management, Parking Guidance


Traffic Lights, Detection, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Variable Message Signs, Pay and Display Machines


Traffic Engineering

Intelligent systems interpret and evaluate measured and computed values and map events in a model or perform automatic optimizations based on predefined parameters.

Traffic Computer Systems

Efficient control and monitoring of traffic lights, User-friendly data visualization, Easy to handle, Reliable detection of incidents in the city and in the outskirts


Integral components that can be parameterized for a wide range of applications, Information exchange between control center, detectors and signal heads, Extremely concise and reliable, Fast and cost-effective programming and maintenance, Independent error diagnostics

Integrated Traffic Management

Includes all relevant data- from the parking space situation to traffic volume in road works, provides information and supports decisions, Configurable for a wide range of needs, Possibility to operate the system via service provider

Detector Technology

Passive infrared surface detectors, Overhead detectors, Small, reliable and easy to handle, Use inside and outside the city, Customizable, Remote detectors, Evaluate green phases, PIR/Ultrasonic combo technology, Detects moving and stationary objects, Video detectors

Traffic Signals

Durable, flexible and extremely reliable, Freely combinable modular components, Durable and high resistance to the effects of weather due to high-grade materials, Easy to maintain because of quick-release connections, Energy-saving,bright-high-contrast illumination through LED technology

Parking space management systems

Parking space monitoring and guidance systems, Monitoring of every single parking space via ultrasonic sensors, LED- arrow signs dynamically guide drivers to the next free parking space, Management Systems

Parking guidance systems

Dynamic displays inform about the parking situation in cities and/or individual multi-storey car parks. This means: Decrease and less waste of time of searching for a parking space, Steady occupancy of multi-storey car parks

Pay and display machines

PRISMA and SITY: to operate parking space management as a profitable investment Networking: GSM/GPRS, Cashless payments (card or mobile phone), Alternative power supply via solar panel, More safety, Easy to use

Traffic data detection

Acquiring data such as traffic census, density and velocity, High-precision loop detectors, Traffic eye at low installation cost

Traffic control systems

Traffic algorithms generate instructions for drivers. Signal programs can be activated Opening of breakdown lane for trucks, Direction of traffic changed for individual lanes, Speed restriction to avoid traffic congestion, Warning signs, Rerouting of traffic

Traffic prediction

The control center continuously performs traffic simulations and predicts traffic obstruction.

Weather detection

Weather stations measure the following data: Wind, Temperature, Salt content in the streets, Visibility, Precipitation

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